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Q: What is a Speech-Language Pathologist?  
A: A Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), or a speech therapist, is a professional with a Masters degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and specializes in the assessment and treatment of speech, language and swallowing disorders in children and adults.
Q: Do you accept Medicaid and/or Medicare? 
A: Yes. We are Medicaid and Medicare providers.
Q: Do you accept private health insurance? 
A: Yes. For a complete list of the health plans in which we participate, please click on the "Medical Plans" tab above. If your plan is not listed we are able to assist you in processing our claims as "out-of-network" providers.
If you have exhausted the speech therapy benefit offered by your insurance company, STAFL offers AFFORDABLE rates to help accomodate clients who require more sessions than what the insurance plans cover.
For more information about our rates or "out-of-network" coverage, please contact our office at 305.851.6949 or email us at
Q: My child's teacher has commented that my child is exhibiting signs of a speech or language problem. How do I begin the process of obtaining speech therapy for my child? 
A: The first step is to have your child seen by their pediatrician. Discuss the teacher's concerns/comments with your child's pediatrician and, if he/she is in agreement and there is medical necessity for therapy, obtain a referral for speech therapy evaluation and treatment. Once the prescription is obtained, simply call our office and schedule an appointment for an evaluation.
For clients who wish to pay for services privately, no physician referral is needed. Simply call our office and schedule to have your child evaluated by one of our certified speech-language pathologists.
Q: Do you work with adults? Does the process for obtaining an evaluation differ from that of a child? 
A: Yes, we do work with adults. The process for obtaining an evaluation is exactly the same as that for a child.
Q: What can I expect during the evaluation? 
A: The evaluation by an SLP typically consists of a series of formal and informal assessments which may include interviews, standardized tests, observations, language samples, oral motor evaluation, and auditory screening. The SLP will likely ask caregivers about the client’s medical and/or developmental history focusing mainly on communication milestones such as age of first word, use of gestures to communicate, and reasons for communication, i.e. for socialization or solely to have needs met.
In the case of our adult clients, the process is similar except that the interview will include information about educational, work, medical and family history. We also encourage our clients to come prepared with a list of medications that they are currently taking including doses and frequency.
Q: How long will therapy last? 

A: The frequency and length of treatment is specific to the individual. Once the evaluation has been completed, the therapist will determine the individual's need and schedule sessions accordingly. Most therapy sessions last between 30-60 minutes.